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Welcome to Anderson!

At Anderson Elementary, we prepare every student for college success by analyzing each individual student's progress and providing focused, rigorous instruction every day, every lesson, all day, without exception. We believe each child can and will succeed, and we continually examine our practice and honor our school community by acting with integrity.

1:1 Technology

Technology has been an integral part of our classrooms, and we have an 1:1 student to device ratio. The prevalence of laptops in the classroom and individualized, personalized learning gives students time to read on their own, building strong reading skills throughout the school year. The result is students that are performing at or above grade level, and that gives them the confidence to carry their successes into other areas throughout the year. 

Enriched learning experiences

Students at Anderson have the opportunity to participate in the Masterwork Academy for music, visual art, and ballet and the L.I.F.E. After School Program at the Tulsa Dream Center for other enrichment activities, including reading and STEM. 

supportive classroom environments

Anderson gives students opportunities to develop their social-emotional skills and learn how to self-regulate by providing quiet rooms where students can reflect and refocus in times of stress. Our team offers support to help students learn how to navigate challenging situations in a productive way. This alternative maximizes learning time for all students and builds a strong school culture.

exterior or Anderson Elementary

Anderson elementary

pre-K - 5th Grade

1921 E. 29 St. N. 
Tulsa, OK 74110
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Phone: 918-925-1300

Our namesake


FullY Renovated

Thanks to the support of Tulsans in our 2015 bond campaign, Anderson went through a full renovation in the summer of 2018. From new floors to smart boards, including a renovated library, these improvements have energized the students and staff. 

learn more about bond projects here

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