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Anderson Students Learn About Native American Cultures

The Indian Education department is helping students at Anderson Elementary learn about Native American cultures. Several classes worked on traditional crafts like beading and creating shields as they learned about different tribes.

“I love the fact that they get to take home something,” said Indian Education Manager Deidre Prevett.

On a chilly Friday, students had the opportunity to go inside a large tipi (teepee) set up on their playground. Once inside, they could feel how well the structure offered protection from the cold wind. Deidre explained how Native Americans could open or close the flaps at the top to release smoke or keep out rain.

“The kids love it. They absolutely love it,” said Deidre.

Posters lined the inside of the tipi describing other traditional Native American homes, including the Apache hogan and Iroquois longhouse.

Inside of the tipi

“Not everyone lived in a teepee. [We] try to help them understand that the tribes from the southeast were not plains Indians so we didn’t follow the bison around. We were more farmers and hunters and not as nomadic,” said Deidre. “There’s a lot that our state curriculum leaves out, so we’re trying to enrich that.”

Culture Day is a great way for the Indian Education team to share Native American history with all students. The team also works in other ways throughout the year to help students in the Indian Education program. They provide school supplies, offer tutoring, and advocate for families. For more information about the program, click here.

Deidre talks to student about the tipi